Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The spoilsport to my time with TV. I reach home at 7.30pm and try to catch up with something on TV. Given that there are hardly any channels other than tamil ones here,i have a very limited choice. Well surviving with the existing ones i had great fun with my nephew watching cartoons, but then "MR.Bean" appeared in the picture. This show began at 8pm everyday to spoil all my fun. I do not understand the liking for this show with kids. I do understand the liking for cartoons(given that i love them). But this one is gross. Him sticking chewing gum into his ears and oh god.
The stupidity does not stop here to top this disaster up there is "Takeshi's Castle", with a so called comedian commenting non-stop. This guy is unbearable with his pathetic jokes and disgusting timing sense.
Well hope the cartoon channel begins to air some other show at 8pm or i must teach my nephew to hate the show(hope the former happens soon, the latter well....).

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  1. well, there is another way. u shud start liking Mr.Bean.
    i used to watch it on sundays when i was in hyd, i used to enjoy it along with the kids. :)