Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What to do when free at work place

For somebody who doesn't have access to any community site but twitter, this is a riddle, rather than just a statement. So here are some of my thoughts on what can be done to be rid of boredom

1)Talk should happen virtually only. None on your communicator must be spared.
2)Try creating a database of the websites blocked(this is an almost impossible task, given almost everything is blocked here).
3)Wikipedia, Guttenberg are the best source for obscure stuff.(I read The Count Of Dracula from Guttenberg).
4)Newspapers are always there, but take heed i was deceived by PTI, their official website reports news like TOI.
5)Bug all people you know outside of your workplace by mailing them(but you are not assured of a reply).
6)For those who are real lucky to have access to civilization from their offices , there are all flashy Malls, movie theaters etc.(unlike me)
7)Save some real good mails to be used in scenarios like this.
8)My favorite, downloading wall papers.

Well i have reached the end of my list, people who understand my plight, please do update this with your valuable ideas.

P.S: This was written at 4.00 AM waiting for the build to be submitted to test it, so i guess one more added to the list.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Loving the Unloved

I was inspired to write this, after i read Bleak House by Charles Dickens. There is a scene in the book where the death of a boy(Jo for those who have read the book) very much moved me. He is an orphan, uneducated in short a tramp. He is despised by the so called Upper Class and decent people (and so on and so forth). But there are some people who take care of him and provide him solace and peace when he is nearing death. This being set in one of the most conservative era's of the British Empire.
Makes me wonder are we any different from them(the so called Upper Class)? Don't we despise tramps we come across in our life? Let us at least not despise them. I am not asking for them to be brought home and fed. Let us at least help them out when they are in need of it. Their case is even more pitiable when they are handicapped physically or mentally. It is not their mistake for how they are(at least in most of the cases).Let us be more responsible morally.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Working on weekends

For somebody relatively new to this industry, i thought working on weekends is long way off, but i was wrong. Well there was critical work to do(read as data comparision). There was nobody else to do it(oh god who would be intersted). Hence me and my friend were chosen to do it(the honour makes me wnat to cry). We thought "what the heck, we can use these as comp offs". Well here is the twist to the story. We did work for 4 weekends(a Sunday included), but we dont get the compansatory off. why? because i have to work for nine and a half hours for that, and we worked for nine hours. This is great. There goes 4 days of my life wasted. Take heed people, do read all your company policies carefully before you fall for traps like this.