Thursday, September 3, 2009

Working on weekends

For somebody relatively new to this industry, i thought working on weekends is long way off, but i was wrong. Well there was critical work to do(read as data comparision). There was nobody else to do it(oh god who would be intersted). Hence me and my friend were chosen to do it(the honour makes me wnat to cry). We thought "what the heck, we can use these as comp offs". Well here is the twist to the story. We did work for 4 weekends(a Sunday included), but we dont get the compansatory off. why? because i have to work for nine and a half hours for that, and we worked for nine hours. This is great. There goes 4 days of my life wasted. Take heed people, do read all your company policies carefully before you fall for traps like this.


  1. I have had to work 2 saturdays till now, and tmr will be my third, and I get comp offs even if I am here only for 5 hrs :P

  2. Hmm.. Welcome to software industry. All this happens...... U need not feel bad. :) Be happy that u r not working this Sat and Sunday.....

  3. oh!!
    well thanks for the info.
    never took notice of that.